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1st Mid-Atlantic College Media Arts and Communication Conference (2016)


The inaugural Mid-Atlantic College Media Arts and Communication Conference took place on the campus of Prince George's Community College in Largo, Maryland on Wednesday, April 6, 2016. It was funded, in part, by the Prince George's Community College Foundation Impact Grant and coordinated by the Prince George's Community College Student Publications Office, supported by PGCC's College Life Services.  Speakers and panelists included:

Panama Jackson (, The Root)

Kymone Freeman (WeAct Radio)

Dr. Jared Ball (

Virginia Spatz (Capital Community News)

Natasha Brown (ThinkBrownInk)

Kelli Anderson (Duke Ellington School of Performing Arts Media Program)

Darnely Hodge, Jr. (BlackMoor Productions)

In Focus Film Screening at Morgan State University (2018)


Six college undergraduate students presented their short films in the inaugural film screening IN FOCUS, a segment of the Graduate Research, Interdisciplinary Network and Development (GRIND) conference at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD.  The conference was presented by the Morgan State University Graduate Student Association. The screening was sponsored by The panel with the filmmakers that took place after screenings of their films was moderated by videographer David Lawrence. (2018)

unboxed/unbound film screening in the Kwanzaa in August Festival (2018)


(in photo: filmmakers Cynthia Dorsey and Kia Reed during Q & A)

unboxed/unbroken films

Documentary. Drama. Comedy. Thriller. The nation's capital is home to phenomenal talent behind the camera, crafting stories that center the stories of African diaspora. Filmmakers Kia Reed, Pamela WoolfordCynthia Dorsey and Khadijah Z. Ali-Coleman engaged in a interactive Q & A of their critically-acclaimed work following screenings of their films that address issues of identity, safety of our children, power and renewal. The Q & A was hosted by Liberated Muse Arts Group's Lyn Artope