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Black Family Homeschool Educators and Scholars' teach-in is intended to provide space for homeschool educators and scholars to interact with each other directly and share the information that both groups have regarding the practices that best serve Black homeschooling families. There are numerous studies on the experiences of homeschooling families, but, the literature is slowly growing when it pertains to Black homeschooling families in particular. We would like to become the space that Black families who homeschool can access to learn more about the practice of homeschooling Black children.

Covid-19 has forced U.S. families into various learning-at-home modalities. Additionally, several scholars have attempted to set the tone for homeschooling in the U.S recently. However, the voices of Black homeschool families and scholars have yet to be heard in substantive ways. The purpose of this teach-in is to bring together Black home educators and homeschool researchers to set our own agenda. The teach-in will bridge gaps between academia and practitioner work related to Black homeschooling. 

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